Chainsaws from bidorbuy 1

Chainsaws from bidorbuy

At bidorbuy you can sell and buy anything – if you are looking for some mild afternoon entertainment, get your chainsaws and knives from us.


Change OS X update frequency

Mountain Lion checks for updates every 7 days – this is way too long for me and a quick fix is this: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ ScheduleFrequency 1


Fixing file system corruption on Synology NAS

I recently recycled my hard-drives on my Synology DS1010+ as one of the drives started to fail. Migration of the drives was easy, but I did notice that I had file-system corruption when looking at dmesg: htree_dirblock_to_tree: bad entry in directory...


EasySketch – Drawing and Sketching Pad

Easy Sketch is a fun app for kids to sketch and play for hours while they express their creative genius – the application, available on both iPad and Android, was developed by my wife using Adobe Flex. With 21 different coloured pencils,...

Damien locked inside - Dogs roaming the estate unleashed 1

Spot the difference – barking mad

If you have not followed our cause to save our cat Damian, perhaps read this page first. First off, I must state that we love animals and have supported them as much as possible wherever it was possible. In my first...