OS X: 10.5.3 update dropped – fixes ISA proxy issues

Apple finally released the long anticipated update 10.5.3:

Mac OS X 10.5.3 Combo Update [536 MB] — updates from any version of Mac OS X 10.5.x
Mac OS X 10.5.3 Delta Update [420MB] — only updates from Mac OS X 10.5.2

I have been waiting for this, since Safari used to frequently crash when connecting to our ISA Proxy servers at work. Some of the highlights below (relevant to my work):

* Improves Active Directory binding and login.
* Improves Safari reliability when connecting to the Internet through a Microsoft ISA proxy.
* Improves 802.1X behavior and reliability.
* Addresses reliability issues with screen sharing.
* Addresses stability issues that may be encountered when dragging large attachments into an email message.
* Resolves certain issues when backing up a portable Mac that is on battery power.
* Updates Time Machine to reliably restore attachments and messages in Mail.

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