Shameless plug: Girls on the Move

We moved over the weekend and after having moved a number of times, the big moving companies always managed to screw up one way or another. Makes you wonder to read Elliot’s terms & conditions where it states that you should lock away liquor, since after all alcohol is a big temptation for anyone.

I stumbled across Girls on the Move and decided to try something new. One of the first things to overcome was the pink truck and the attention it drew:

The 2nd thing to overcome was that aside from the driver all employees are women – I had to avoid feeling guilty watching women lift heavy furniture and boxes 😉 (well, the guilt only lasted 2 minutes though after I noticed that all of the girls can put any male counterpart to shame)

The move went without a problem, no damages or losses (hello Stuttafords – I am still waiting for half the kitchen you lost 5 years ago) – so if you need to move and want that female touch (and are not afraid of pink trucks) – give them a call.