Postnet Northgate – How not to provide service

I am normally very patient and have accepted that experiencing customer service in South Africa is as scarse as finding a virgin at a brothel. Postnet Northgate falls in the no-service category. Their core-business should be just delivering mail – that is their bread and butter but their arrogance is beyond belief. Over the last 3 years their branch staff managed to lose several registered parcels where the tracking companies could clearly point out that the items had been delivered to their branch. It has gone as far as that one of the internet-shops refused to process my orders to that postal address since every single parcel went missing.

Aside from losing post, Postnet Northgate is also very capable of misplacing things. Things like your parcel notification – you will check your mail on a Saturday – post box is empty. Then you will check again in a weeks time, and voila all of a sudden a parcel notification slip backdated to the Friday two weeks ago. Until recently I was uncertain if their staff is just spiteful or incompetent, but last weeks visit clearly showed that the whole bunch is missing the big picture – and decided to put the following up in their outlet instead:

Wake-up call: If your branch-staff was doing the job they are supposed to do (such as not loosing post) and not giving customers attitude, I am certain people would not take it out on you.

Update: I moved and will hopefully be serviced by some more helpful people.