Postnet Northgate still sux. Hooray Postnet Broadacres!!!!

Wow – talking about customer service: The lack you find at Postnet Northgate and the service-excellence you get elsewhere. Postnet Northgate managed to piss me off enough with their latest stint where they refused to send a registered letter to the United States, because “… we do not do international mail” was pretty much the cherry on top.

It was a delightful experience to walk into Postnet Broadacres – friendly staff, helpful and believe it or not (listen up Postnet Northgate) – they even managed to send the very same registered letter to the United States. It also wowed me that we managed to get a postbox within a couple of weeks and we are now looking forward to getting all the mail which seem to have disappeared in a blackhole near the CocaCola dome. (I have also convinced the overseas internet shop to try another shipment and am certain that it will arrive on time and in one piece).

To all the other Postnet’s out there – I do believe that all of you (with the exception of Northgate of course) do an outstanding job. It is a pity that outlets such as Northgate cut their nose to spite the face and in the end will loose plenty of customers and I will be suprised if the business will sustain over the years.