Rip-off alert 2: iBurst introduces pay per use – R972 per gig

While discussing my migration with an iBurst sales consultant, I found out that iBurst introduced mandatory pay-per-use as of this month.

iBurst will charge you an out-of-bundle rate of 95c per MB extra being used. The only way to avoid this is to opt-out via the above link.

The catch? Old packages are not affected by this. However, as soon as you migrate PPU will be activated. So it is either staying on the old package, being overcharged and getting a softcap or reducing your package cost or migrating to a new package (the later two will require you to opt out of PPU if you don’t want to get surprises at the end of the month).

Update 1: I have logged this also on HelloPeter
Update 2: iBurst responded on Hello Peter, but has not responded to my email I sent them 12 hours ago (although I have received a number of read-receipts). Makes me wonder how iBurst complies with the National Credit Act when unwary customers get debited thousands of Rand???

If you don’t understand what this means: 1GB = 1024MB * 95c = 972 Rand. iBurst – what’s wrong with you? (a 1GB bandwidth booster will cost R199)