American obsessions: Signs

The most powerful nation in the world (and also the most obese) is obsessed with signs and it almost seems that the locals can not do without it. I am not sure if it is Bush or the aftermath of 9/11 causing Americans to be shell shocked. I found it interesting, that the land of the free has turned into a police state, where basic rights (such as freedom of speech or freedom of privacy) have been stripped in order to “protect” the country from terrorism.

It almost appears that the majority of the nation has lost common sense and needs to be constantly reminded what to do in certain situations. As a foreigner to the US, it is then more than humorous to see signs like the following:

(left-top, photo taken on the Florida turn-pike): All highways seem to alert drivers first of a food-opportunity (listing all fast-food chains) and then of other amenities (such as getting petrol in the middle of nowhere – duh)

(left-middle, photo taken at only entrance to a government building): Am I allowed to walk up the stairs or not?

(left-bottom, photo taken of a sign above the basin at restroom in Ft. Lauderdale ): Every toilet has a reminder-sign “Wash your hands” – would make more sense to have it on the door instead above the basin (I assume when you stand in front of it you have every intention to wash your hands – or?)

(right): At least something more entertaining from the Coyote Ugly in Ft. Lauderdale