PS3: Guitar Hero – Aerosmith

Launching this weekend, and should not need more introduction:

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will follow the career of Aerosmith, by playing significant songs in their catalog in a ‘rough chronological fashion’. The gameplay will follow the band through various periods in its history, spanning from its first show at Mendon Nipmuc Regional High School in 1970 to the 2001 Super Bowl XXXV halftime show, to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 19th, 2001. You will start as Joe Perry, and will eventually be able to unlock Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton.

While Aerosmith was able to provide many of the original master recordings to the development team, the band re-recorded the four songs chosen for the game from their first album: “Make It”, “Movin’ Out”, “Dream On” and “Mama Kin”. Joe Perry re-mastered the lead guitar on many songs to interact with the gameplay better, while Steven Tyler re-recorded some of the vocals

The songlist will include 41 tracks of which are 25 Aerosmith songs, 4 Joe Perry songs, and 12 opening-band songs (including Mott the Hoople, Cheap Trick, The Kinks, Lenny Kravitz, The Cult).