NAS: Boot your router….

Having the Synology DiskStation hooked up to the UPS I have avoided any sudden problems when Eskom decides to load-shed again. Over the last few days I did notice (especially since now my iBurst modem and WLAN-access point is on 24×7) that leaving the iBurst modem on for too long seems to deteriorate throughput.

Neither the iBurst modem nor the Belkin access-point have remote management functions, and so I devised the following script to give my router the boot (resulting in the modem being disconnected and reconnected after the rooter boots).

How does it work: I wrote a small script which logs onto the routers management interface and then issues a restart command. This can be easily achieved with the post-method in wget. The script itself runs periodically on the NAS via a cronjob.

This mechanism will work for any router which has a browser-interface via HTTP. I created the script below after HTTP-sniffing the post-requests:


In the above I use wget to submit the post request and have sniffed the http-login and reset request via HTTP Scoop – a sweet little HTTP protocol sniffer for Mac OSX.

Now you just need to automate this on your NAS via a cronjob:

MuffinStation> cat /etc/crontab


The above will restart the router at 2am every five days starting with the 1st of the month (which is great, as by the first my cap is normally gone – smile).

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