PS3: Sony give us our own server

There we are, a 2000 member strong PS3 community, with an average of 2000-3000 PS3 selling in South Africa per month, but Sony refuses to provide us with a dedicated regional server for online gaming and purchasing content. It is simply not enough to make the PSN-store display the currency in Rand.

All online gaming occurs through European servers and results in a mediocre gaming experience for South African gamers. A local network would ensure that gamers in South Africa can download not just the necessary updates, but also purchase downloadable content through (faster) local bandwidth. – At the moment we hardly buy games online, as bandwidth costs makes a downloadable game almost twice as expensive than buying it from a store.

It would further mean that residents would only have to purchase local bandwidth, which is considerably less than that of international. At present, we are at a huge disadvantage when playing online, as there is visible lag when playing certain games, as well as extended download times.

Local would speed up download times, as well as provide a level playing field while playing online. SO SONY – STOP TAKING JUST OUR MONEY — GIVE US SOMETHING BACK…. SUCH AS…. OUR OWN REGIONAL SERVER

If you want to support this initiative or respond to our pledge, please VISIT OUR FORUM HERE AND VOTE.

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