PS3: Killzone 2 beta – more news

I had to laugh, when I saw the post on PSXExtreme, where it was reported that “us Europeans” got the first Killzone 2 beta invite:

Please support the South African PS3-gaming community by:

@ PSXExtreme: Eat your heart out – if you have a look at our forums you will notice that we have a strong community – your forums seems to comprise of a bunch of teenage-fanboys with a restricted vocabulary consisting mainly of 4-letter words.

BTW: I know geography is not really a key-knowledge topic for most americans (yes that blue blob bordering your green blob is called the atlantic ocean) – South Africa is in Africa, believe it or not… And no, it is not close to Europe.

As much as I can reveal without violating the NDA: Killzone 2 plays much better than COD4, the graphics is awesome and the game itself challenging – cant wait for the release.