PS3: 2nd platinum trophy

It took me 32 hours since 29th September to finally get the Burnout Paradise Elite trophy. This translates into 44 owned cars, 4 bikes and 1300 miles travelled.

Most trophies are very easy and just take time. Amongst the more frustrating ones are the midnight challenges on the bike – although the light-conditions are realistic, it takes some serious practice to beat the challenges (you can’t see beyond 10-20 metres).

All online timed challenges are super frustrating. A timed challenge consists of two parts. The first part is that a number of players meet at a certain location and the 2nd part is the actual challenge. The frustrating part is that players joining the timed challenge either exit the game because they are incapable of completing the challenge or they just don’t join up for the challenge. In short a punch of pricks which ruin the experience. Once a player leaves the timed challenge, you have to start all over again – damn annoying if you are almost at completion of part 2.

It took in excess of 6 hours just to get 10 timed challenges done. Once I heard that familiar “bling” on the PS3 and got the last Burnout trophy I was super-satisfied – lol.