Siemens Gigaset AL140 trio

The AL140 is not necessarily the prettiest cordless DECT phone around, but I stumbled across the trio offer for R 700,00 at Dionwired. The package includes a base-station with 3 cordless phones and chargers and is priced elsewhere from R 850,00 upwards.

Siemens has always produced reliable telephones, and now I can enjoy cordless phoning freedom with the Gigaset AL140. This telephone offers a number of easy features that will let you enjoy years of quality phone conversations. Specially designed for straightforward calling, the Gigaset AL140 offers a convenient illuminated display, which lets you clearly see the number you’re dialing – day or night.

It also features a handy Caller ID function so you know exactly who’s calling before you decide to answer, as well as a phonebook for storing up to 40 names and numbers of your family and friends. Thanks to new energy-saving ECO DECT technology, this phone also uses up to 60% less energy than our conventional cordless phones – so it saves you money and is better for the environment.

More features after the link.

Easy plug-and-play set-up : The Gigaset AL140 eliminates any guesswork when setting up your new phone. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in and start enjoying the dependability and simplicity of calling with a high-quality Gigaset phone.

An illuminated display to guide the way: Thanks to the illuminated display makes the phone incredibly simple to use even in low light. It also offers you a convenient CLIP function, which displays the name and number of the person calling, and a list of the last 20 missed calls – so you’ll always know who’s trying to reach you day or night.

A phonebook for all your numbers: It offers you a built-in phonebook for easily managing up to 40 names and numbers, as well as handy push-button dialing so you can quickly get in touch. What’s more, the user-friendly menu lets you add, delete or edit your entries with ease.

Useful features for more flexibility: The phone also features an alarm clock to help get your day off to a good start. Simply set the alarm directly on your Gigaset handset – then press the handy hot key to turn it off once you’re awake. For even more phoning flexibility, you can expand the Gigaset AL140 with up to 4 extra handsets. That means you can keep phones in different rooms around your home and enable everyone in your household to have easier access to a handset when the phone rings.

The cordless handsets communicate very well with the base-station. In my case, the base-station is located on the ground-floor and the two other phones are on the 1st floor – there is no loss of quality or issue connecting – it simply works.