Automatically tag your music collection with Jaikoz

In the digital age I have accumulated hundreds of music CDs which landed up ripped on my media server and iPods. Many songs don’t carry the proper ID-tags and carry the wrong artist, album or album art.

Having accumulated over 1500 songs results in a daunting task to sort out a media library. This is when I stumbled across Jaikoz which automates the tagging of your music collection in a smart way.

Jaikoz is a Java program used for editing and mass tagging music file tags. Jaikoz performs acoustic fingerprint matching and metadata lookups. Accuracy is determined by the completeness of the database being used and the quality of the recording. Jaikoz uses the MusicBrainz service. It generates fingerprints (MusicIP’s MusicDNS PUIDs) of your files and compares them with the data from the MusicBrainz server.

Additionally Jaikoz matching algorithm compares the metadata files to each other, and performs an analysis on the sameness of values. If sufficiently similar, the values are changed to the most popular value. This mechanism allows automatic correction of typos. For example, if there were fifty records with the artist name “The Beatles” and ten with the artist name “The Beetles,” the sameness of the two values would indicate they were the same and all values would be modified to the most popular (the correct) value “The Beatles”.

The process is quite simple: First you create a digital ID of your collection and then you submit it for retagging to MusicBrainz – to process and retag 50 songs takes about 2-3 minutes and sofar Jaikoz has achieved a 99% success-rate.