Belkin – life-time warranty

My trusty gigabit Belkin N1 Vision router decided to croak two days ago.

At the time of purchase (Aug’ 08) this was one of the first N-draft gigabit routers on the market and accordingly came in at a hefty price of R 2,700. I am not sure if the sudden death was related to the firmware I installed in November, or if the router didn’t want to shuffle gigabytes around anymore.

Lightning was certainly not the cause, since any electrical surge has to travel past an APC surge arrestor and then through an APC Back-UPS C350. Somehow it appears that the router’s firmware got corrupted as it kept rebooting itself and even a hard-reset did not convince the Belkin to reset to factory defaults.

The one thing you might not know is, that every Belkin router has a life-time warranty and as long as lightning does not blow up your equipment, Belkin will repair it or replace it.

Even more surprising was, that when I went to Incredible Connection today to send the router in, they went and gave me a brand new one over the counter. I didn’t even have to provide the packaging and I walked out with a brand new and shrink-wrapped model.

So don’t be tempted as I was and chuck the router in the dustbin, go to the place where you bought it and ask for a replacement, as it has a lifetime warranty. (If you struggle, let me know, I have a few contacts to get you sorted)

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  • Michaelscott

    I’m thrilled to hear your story about free replacement of defective Belkin routers.

    Mine is the N1. I’ts at LEAST 5 years old. (might have the box, but probably not….maybe the disk that came with it, if there was one!) I don’t have a receipt for it….I’m not even positive whether I bought it at Future Shop or Best Buy (but they’re both owned by the same parent company anyway!!)

    Should I still (without a receipt) be able to walk in with the old one and walk out with a new one? Mine’s an F5D8231-4. Apparently it’s no longer in stock (thank God……and no wonder!)….and the “update” is an 8236. Anyone heard of it….and whether it’s better at not dropping its wireless??


  • Alex

    I bought a Belkin router on 1/30/2011 and it stopped working so I called Belkin and they verified my claim and wanted me to pay $30. for a replacement.  I talked to another rep for belkin and he told me it was $53. for a replacement, and when I spoke to another reep I was informed the cost was $49.  They wanted a receipt and I sent the receipt.  These people made me feel like a rape victumn, I was acussed of lying and after 3 seperate calls I finally gave up and decided that belkin’s warranty is crap.

    • Looks like the warranty experience is better in South Africa. Perhaps the $30 are for shipping? In my experience you should be able to return the product to the store where you purchased it.

  • Firestalker

    Belkin says they will NOT honor my “Lifetime” Warranty on my router because it is more than 3 years old. I have the box, paperwork and the original receipt. They say it doesn’t matter, and the product is not made anymore, and no longer supported. I talked with 3 reps and a supervisor, and got absolutely nowhere with their crappy Indian “support” after wasting 2 hrs. They told me to go buy a new Belkin router. I may end up buying a new router, but you can bet your @$$ it won’t be a Belkin. Belkin can kiss my arse!

  • Michael Scott

    “They” must have finally decided the N1 was too old…..and that most users have gotten their money’s worth by now. When I called about mine being faulty (3 years ago, as I see in my message below)…..they gave me, free of charge, a new Play N600 HD, Dual Band Belkin router…..which was warranted against problems for one year. It was “somewhat” disappointing to think I’d lost my lifetime warranty……but it was great to get a free replacement…..which, btw, has worked faultlessly since I got it. Can’t beat that!