Global warming – explained for Donald Trump

Pollution, erratic weather-behavior, short summers in South Africa and cold winters – all too difficult to understand – even for Donald Trump or Jacob Zuma. Not anymore with the visual guide below:

In March 2016, the US faced the hottest March ever, beating the prior record set in March 2015. The same goes for February and January of this year, and, oh, the eight consecutive months before. Al Gore knows these statistics by heart.

The fact that you might know them too is likely because of him. These kinds of numbers—and the scary story they tell about the future of Earth—have been Gore’s chief motivation since he failed to win the presidency in 2000. Gore emerged from that weird, disputed election armed with what is now possibly the most famous slide­show in human history. He has traveled the world delivering that deck to hundreds of people at a time, showing in irrefutable detail just how mind-bogglingly badly we have treated our planet and what we might be able to do about it.

If you have never bothered reading up about Global Warming or are as ignorant as Russia or Donald Trump, it’s worthwhile to watch An Inconvenient Truth.