Running Transmission on Synology DS1010+

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  • Zwickystriplet

    where do i need to the crontab lines?

    • Just add them via vi /etc/crontab – make sure that you use TABs and not SPACES as the Synology will not run the croons properly. Best is to append the entries to the end of the file.

  • m1nd7r1p

    Thanks very much for posting this! Quick question–I too am having problems finding the and files. Can you please tell us where they are? Your instructions do skip some critical steps (eg, indicating the settings.json will be overwritten ‘in the next step’, with the next step assuming the overwrite has already happened).

    • Hi there. If the links in the post as not working anymore, then I am afraid I must have wiped them during an upgrade of my blog. I don’t use Transmission any more and have switched to Sonar and SABNzbd instead – much more reliable and a lot faster.

  • m1nd7r1p

    Thanks for the update and very speedy reply!