Why Discovery Health Vitality does not promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Handy Tipper

    Great article!
    I often tell my friends and family… “just play the game… it’s worth it!”

  • none

    Thank you, I find myself ranting and raving because they have just changed the rules and you cant earn points for certain things anymore.
    It coincides with the launch of the free apple watch & free gym fees … so obviously they are going to make it harder for you to reach your goals.
    We joined last year. We have started to exercise and Im really proud of my achievements, but according to the new rules its not enough. If Im not running for and hour each day and taking a gazillion steps I don’t meet the goal and I don’t get my rewards.
    We were considering joining their medical aid scheme … but its all a scheme … so we wont.

    • ADENG

      The whole point is for you to push yourself. So strange that people are complaining about the one thing Vitality is trying to do – get people healthier. I find it actually does what it says on the tin!

  • ConsiderThis

    No company cares about thier customers, it’s business so to wrap DH on knuckles for that is being very selective – it applies to every corporation you deal with! if you see the value in being healthy, Vitality brings this in reach of most people ad it would otherwise be too expensive for many. Remember that Vitality is seperate from the medical aid – so your medical aid contributions are not funding Vitality, your vitality premiums are. Also, DHMS is a not for profit medical scheme so saying they price in a healthy profit margin is incorrect. They are administered by Discovery Health who charge admin fees and that is where they make thier money. Your premium is the same as your unhealthy neighbour due to legislation, this is true – don’t blame Discovery, that’s the government for you! In all fairness this was done to make healthcare in SA more inclusive so that those who can afford it can subsidise the often sicker poorer people of our country. It’s not perfect but was an attempt by government to not price the sickest out of access to healthcare. Here is why premiums go up each year: 1. Medical inflation (the overall rate at which the cost of providing medical services, drugs, etc) is well above normal (CPI) inflation. This is often driven by new medical procedures and medicines, which are expensive. 2. Fraud. You will not believe how much fraud there is from doctors trying to line thier pockets by trying to claim for procedures not done, overclaim for work done, etc. To conclude, you are living in the country with one of the worst AIDS prevalence rates, a lot of violence (and related injuries requiring medical attention), and a high rate of road accidents and at the same time the country that is home to a company who revolutionised the wellness industry by being a world first to launch a program like Vitality. I urge you to reconsider your views, we are witnessing hostory in the making in healthcare – and the revolution is being driven by South Africa!

  • eugenevdm

    What a stupid negative article.

    • It’s a waste to leave a comment with any substantial information. Although the post was written a good 2 years ago, it’s content holds more relevance know as Discovery has made substantial changes to their Vitality programme and the negative reviews back this up: https://www.facebook.com/discoveryvitality/reviews/

      I suggest if you can not contribute anything meaningful, there might be better places on the internet to troll.

      • ADENG

        Please see my response to your article above. I would like to add for you in your own words: “I suggest if you can not contribute anything meaningful, there might be better places on the internet to troll.”

    • ADENG

      Spot on assessment – stupid and negative. And since the author asked for validation – my behaviour has definitely changed on vitality. I have had cancer 5 years ago, joined vitality 4 years ago as the only exercise I could safely do at the time, was swimming – I am rewarded for it. My shopping baskets are healthier. The rules have changed and in some ways it is tougher, but it is a dynamic process. Yes, you can cheat. You are only cheating yourself out of a healthier way of life. Yes, healthy people on medical aid subsidise the unhealthy people – for that I am eternally grateful. This is not Discovery’s decision though, it is governed by legislation. Vitality on the other hand rewards one trying to be more healthy. And as for the ridiculous point that the person doing the health assessment did not offer advice – well, now you are AWARE of the issue and it is up to YOU to seek professional advice. Articles like this is the root of so many problems in the blame culture of today. Please grow up and take control of your own life. Hats off to Vitality to try and mobilise people – I have seen the benefits for myself and several friends.