Synology DSM 5.1 – a better wpad.dat for Squid proxy

The latest version of Synology DSM introduces a Squid proxy which allows you to speed up web-browsing within your local LAN due to proxy-caching web fragments. By the looks of it, Synology still needs to improve on the admin functionality, as Squid has quite a few issues. For one, you want to customise your wpad.dat file which is located in “/volume1/web/wpad.dat”:

In the above example my local domain is “muffin.lan” and my local IP-range is 172.16.0.* and you will want to adjust the highlighted sections. I have also included an exclusion at line 14 (my bank’s iOS application uses HTTPS on a non-standard port and Squid seems to have have some issue with it.

Careful: When the Synology reboots, the wpad.dat file resets to the default and your changes will be lost. This is a PITA and for now I manually copy the config file back.

Synology Squid Proxy crashes when the log file runs full

Another issue where I think Synology has not properly worked through all the issues. The standard configuration writes a 5MB log-file and the proxy crashes during a log-rotate. The work-around is quite simple – edit “/var/packages/ProxyServer/target/etc/squid.logrotate” and change the highlighted lines:

You would then want to also include the command “/var/packages/ProxyServer/target/bin/squid -k rotate” as a cronjob so that your log-files rotate.

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