Display your crypto currency values in realtime on your MacBook Pro Touchbar

One of the best tools to get for your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is BetterTouchTool. I use it for many different use cases and one of them is my financial bar:

Once you install the BetterTouchTool it is quite simple to configure Touch Bar buttons by manually creating them or just importing the Gist I have provided. The crypto currencies will refresh every 60 seconds and clicking on them opens the appropriate links – feel free to change the links by double-clicking on them:


How to take a “screen-shot” of your Touch Bar

Most people do not know that the Mac Touch Bar is just “another” screen and therefore it is possible to also take a screenshot:

  • Shift + Command + 6: Save the screenshot to the desktop
  • Shift + Control + Command + 6: Copy the screenshot to the clipboard
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