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Cloudflare analytics 1

Cloudflare in review

Cloudflare has been running on my blog now for a couple of days, and analytics have started to show on my (free) Cloudflare account. It’s quite interesting to see that over 50% of my traffic and hits have been cached through...

CloudFlare - Website Performance 1

WordPress and CloudFlare

If you have decided to use W3 Total Cache as your caching mechanism, the next logical step is to use CloudFlare as an accelerator. Think of CloudFlare as your website accelerator (in simple terms it’s a distributed hosted nginx server). Enabling...

Optimize WordPress with W3 Total Cache 3

WordPress plugin – W3 Total Cache

Once your WordPress installation is up and running and you are satisfied with the plugins and themes you have installed, it’s time to optimize your installation for performance. I would leave this task as the last step in any blog-installation,...

Who Needs an iPhone 4s 0

Who needs an iPhone 4s?

You gotta love New York for it’s shopping and free Wifi. Observed a “hectic” Skype video-conference session outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th avenue in September 2011:


WordPress plugin – 404 Redirected

Anyone migrating from b2evolution or any other blogging software which does not fully support importing into WordPress will feel a world of pain to get the original blog’s content right. If you don’t pay attention, you will receive many 404’s...


Just – blog image optimisation

Finally my migration from b2evolution to WordPress is complete and the transition was overly painful, as there was no direct importer available. Many 404’s (which I manually monitor with the WordPress plugin ‘404 Redirect’) caused quite a lot of trouble....



At bidorbuy we have worked very hard to optimise website-performance to achieve a relatively good user-experience. We believe that with good performance comes lots of link-love from Google and sofar we have seen this pay off. I am always interested...


James Gosling resigns from Sun

Perhaps the end of Java as we know it? James posted the following at his new blog: “…Yes, indeed, the rumors are true: I resigned from Oracle a week ago (April 2nd). I apologize to everyone in St Petersburg who...


jQuery revolution @ bidorbuy

Over at we are really introducing a number of firsts in the online auction market. We obviously want to create a user-experience for our buyers and sellers to enjoy their time on our site as well as improve productivity....