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Thanks to CellC, Facebook’s will become South Africa’s anti-privacy internet proxy

South Africa’s CellC CEO Jose Dos Santos “proudly” announced that from today, 1st July 2015, CellC in co-operation with Facebook will offer zero-rated internet access to Facebook and a handpicked number of South African websites. In simple terms, you download a Facebook app...


Upgrade your Playstation 4 with a 2TB HDD

The Playstation 4 comes with a 500GB hard-drive and especially as part of the December specials, Sony is releasing discounted downloads which quickly fill up your drive. While 1TB hard-drives are readily available, the choice for cheap, but decent drives...


Monty, the penguin steals Xmas

The British Department Store John Lewis has produced a sensational short-film about a boy and his imaginary feathered friend – check it out here:   The short-film alone cost about R11m to produce, but John Lewis did not just stop there and...