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PS3 2.20 firmware brings Blue-ray profile 2.0

Sony released 2.20 firmware today which includes Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (known as “BD-LIVE”) Internet features and allow you to copy music and photos directly from PS3 to PSP. BD-LIVE adds interactive features to films, like downloadable bonus scenes, shorts,...


Yamaha YST-FSW150 down-firing subwoofer

In my previous post I mentioned the Yamaha YSP-4000 soundbar. The Digital Experience phoned me the other day, and I have completed my sound-setup with the addition of the YST-FSW150 subwoofer from Yamaha: The 130 watts subwoofer compliments the soundbar...


Format war costs Toshiba 1bn dollars

I would have thought that after the VHS/Betamax format war companies had learned. Clearly with HD-DVD vs. BlueRay Toshiba got majorily p0wned by Sony. Talk has it, that Toshiba’s losses totaled in 2007 alone to a billion dollars – ouch....


PS3: Firmware 2.17 released

Sony has released the latest firmware without much information other than fixing some security holes. Get the firmware from here: European version / US version


Lexmark x6570 – wireless printing & scanning

All that hype about the paperless office never came true, but the notion of the wireless office is rapidly taking hold as more small and home-based businesses replace wired LANs with WiFi networks. The Lexmark X6570, an 802.11g-enabled all-in-one makes...


Belkin N1 wireless router

In anticipation of finally getting broadband I bought myself the Belkin N1 wireless router: I managed to get a R 500,00 discount from Incredible Corruption since the box was opened and the manual was missing. Nonetheless everything else was still...


Yamaha YSP-4000 – surround sound bar

I hate cables and clutter – and this was reason enough in the past not to get a 5.x/7.x surround system – too many cables, speakers and clutter. Until I came across the Yamaha YSP-4000: Yamaha rammed 40 1.5 inch...