Fuck Little Miss Muffet

So little Miss muffet had the wrong idea and snuggled up with me on New Year’s Eve. It is not unusual to wake up on 1st January with an enormous headache, shaking body and a dry mouth. I was still...


The new Oompa Loompa movie

My first contribution to Youtube. Unbelievable how some guys dip their heads into self-tanning lotion and think they look awesome: Visit my Youtube-profile for more cool movies.


Happy New Year 2009

New Year’s Eve, 1999, was supposed to be as far as it got for humanity. Thanks to short-sighted computer programmers, automated missile launching systems, some form of bug, and the accurate prophecies of Nostradamus, this was the big one; the...


Guitar Hero: Underwear

I truly love Guitar Hero World Tour and laughed watching a South Park episode, where they rip off people playing GH. I have never rocked in my underwear: And I doubt that many GH-rockers look as stunning as Heidi Klum:...


iPhone killer: Nokia N97

I am up for an upgrade and while I am happy with my N95 8GB I need something new. I had a look at the Sony XPERIA, but don’t like the fact that it runs Windows Mobile. So I was...


Around the dinner table

With all the social gatherings with family and friends during the festive season, you are about to run into one of those mundane “I-wish-I-was-somewhere-else” events – that’s when I took mental note of the following “double-ended” conversations over turkey and...


Woolworth’s gone bankrupt?

I have not really followed international news and became only today aware that Woolies in the UK has gone under administration and failed to be sold to a buyer. With 5th January 2009, 32,000 workers will be on the street...


The Friday Picture: Anger

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


A Merry XMas – the truth (explicit)

Regardless of your religion, in one way or another in a thousand different ways, people (and especially retail stores) join together today to celebrate Christmas with their own unique customs and traditions. All cultures have a midwinter festival, but Christians...


Siemens Gigaset AL140 trio

The AL140 is not necessarily the prettiest cordless DECT phone around, but I stumbled across the trio offer for R 700,00 at Dionwired. The package includes a base-station with 3 cordless phones and chargers and is priced elsewhere from R...