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CloudFlare - Website Performance 1

WordPress and CloudFlare

If you have decided to use W3 Total Cache as your caching mechanism, the next logical step is to use CloudFlare as an accelerator. Think of CloudFlare as your website accelerator (in simple terms it’s a distributed hosted nginx server). Enabling...


WordPress plugin – Automatic spam handling with Akismet

After my migration from b2evolution, one of the first “install-and-forget” things to do is to install the Akismet plugin for WordPress. Akismet eliminates comment- and trackback-spam on your blog and once you have installed the plugin and requested an API...


Exceptions in Java

Working with exceptions in Java has become among developers a common task. Most of the time, however, the concept of exceptions is misunderstood. An exception-condition prevents the continuation of a method or the scope that your are in. In some...