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Belkin – life-time warranty

My trusty gigabit Belkin N1 Vision router decided to croak two days ago. At the time of purchase (Aug’ 08) this was one of the first N-draft gigabit routers on the market and accordingly came in at a hefty price...


Belkin N1 Vision – new firmware

My Belkin N1 Vision (F5D8232uk4) gigabit router has served me well in the past, and although I would next time rather go with a Netgear or Linksys, the choice was made due to it’s gigabit ports (at the time of...


How to hack your Belkin router

It innocently (like many cool things) started off with the replacement of my current modem router with a Belkin N1 Vision gigabit router: I would have gone with a Airport Extreme base-station instead, but the local Apple stores have been...