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South Africans attack foreigners – say no to Xenophobia

A decade filled with Xenophobic attacks and the South African government is incapable of containing a situation where shops and homes owned by Somalis, Zimbabweans, Ethiopians, Malawians and other immigrants have been targeted, forcing families to flee to camps protected by...


Businessman gives away Audi R8 to car-guards

One can only hope that this is some ingenious “marketing-prank”. A businessman in Cape Town went up to Table Mountain and handed over a R 1,4m Audi R8 to car-guards: The duo-then decided to carve a slit into the car’s...



This must be the only site you will really need to get the knowledge straight from the people. Where else can you find out that grot is a name for an ugly female (also sometimes: gruk, greveldonkie, grafsteen) – you...