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Seagate Momentus 500GB Hybrid SSD drive 1

Fixing Skyrim issues with the Seagate Hybrid SSD

My previous Skyrim crashes and lag-problems seem to have “temporarily” disappeared. Considering that many other Playstation users experience the same lag- and crash issues, one can assume that aside from the blatant bugs in Skyrim, the bugs themselves are related to...


Popcorn Hour C-200

The Popcorn Hour C-200 is the most powerful and versatile Networked Media Tank yet and has moved in with us to replace the PS3’s duty of streaming media. The C-200 sports a 667MHz CPU, 512MB RAM (a further 256MB NAND...


NAS: Synology new beta available

Synology is really rocking and have just released the latest beta. I suggest that you sign-up before the beta closes – I did my upgrade last night and everything is working good. Amongst the enhancements (I was looking forward to...