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Gelaskin for MacBook Pro 1

Gelaskin your MacBook Pro

Gelaskins have been scarce in South Africa for several months and even during my recent trip to New York, I was not able to find any. We eventually decided to order several skins from the Canadian based company. The gallery of...

Who Needs an iPhone 4s 0

Who needs an iPhone 4s?

You gotta love New York for it’s shopping and free Wifi. Observed a “hectic” Skype video-conference session outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th avenue in September 2011:


Bye Bye iBurst – whoop whoop Telkom

Finally my frustrations are over – although iBurst has tried the best the possibly could, it was too little too late. Amazingly, I ordered a 4MB ADSL line on 29th September and within two weeks line was installed and working....