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OS X Mountain Lion breaks VMWare 4

OS X Mountain Lion breaks everything

Perhaps a bit dramatic on the “breaking”-part – OS X Mountain Lion has some really awesome features, but only lasted 2 days on my laptop. I love being on the bleeding edge of technology, and boy did I bleed this...


Trying out Windows 7 RC1: Shutting down

I got my hands on Windows 7 RC1 and seeing that all M$-fanboys are raving about it, I thought I would give it a go in a virtual machine as a possible replacement for my current WinXP partition. If it...


New Year resolution – back to basic

Vista Ultimate is driving me insane. I had it installed for more than 12 months and experience frequent issues with hibernation, network card stop working when on battery or wireless just stopping. Coincidently pretty much the same issues which made me...