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Trying out Windows 7 RC1: Shutting down

I got my hands on Windows 7 RC1 and seeing that all M$-fanboys are raving about it, I thought I would give it a go in a virtual machine as a possible replacement for my current WinXP partition. If it...


MacBook Air: The missing short-cuts

Took me a bit of research, but the Leopard Expose short-cuts are available as follows (press the Shift-key to add a cool slow-motion effect to it): Fn + F8 : show spaces Fn + F9 : show all windows Fn...


Ditched it – for better or/and worse

I finally ditched Linux for good and have been running on Vista Ultimate for the last 6 months. No matter what you say, as free and versatile Linux might be (regardless of the flavour – tried Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora and...