Carts full of bling bling – Glitter Mining with VVS and CRO

VVS Finance — the simplest DeFi venue for everyone – VVS is designed to be the simplest DeFi platform for users to swap tokens, earn high yields, and most importantly have fun!

Glitter Mining via VVS and CRO

VVS Finance is the simplest DeFi venue for everyone and uses VVS as a native token – it is a utility, governance, and reward token with applications throughout the VVS platform and VVS Finance has the following features:
  • Bling Swap: Swap supported tokens at low fees and fast speed. Supply liquidity by providing a pair of assets, receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens as proof of ownership, and earn proportionate 0.2% transaction fees whenever the pair is traded.
  • Crystal Farms: Stake your LP tokens to receive VVS rewards. We value your platform patronage and want to shower you with shiny bling bling.
  • Glitter Mines: Stake your newly earned VVS tokens to receive even more VVS. Stake, forget, and collect! Low risk, maintenance-free passive income for your coffers.

In this guide I will show you how to use Crypto.Com CRO to Glitter Mine VVS.

Getting Started with the bling-bling

VVS is a Decentralized Application and as such the platform uses a non-custodial Crypto Wallet. The Crypto Wallet holds your assets and each time VVS needs to perform a transaction on your behalf, it will need to be confirmed on your wallet for security reasons.

I am personally using Metamask as it integrates easily into the browser. Alternatively you can also use DeFi Wallet. Although you can use almost any crypto-token, I suggest that you use CRO as native CRO tokens are substantially lower in gas transaction feeds compared to ERC-20 tokens.

Also the ecosystem has many more benefits: I would appreciate if you use my referral during signup: Visa Debit Card with Cashback and 100% rebate on Netflix, Spotify & Amazon Prime.

⚠️ Careful: Most wallets will use a seed-phrase. Never-ever-ever-ever paste the seed-phrase into a browser, give it to someone or expose it in any way. If it gets in the wrong hands or you lose it, your Metamask-wallet is gone!

After your wallet is installed you go to and then connect your wallet. I use “Auto VVS” and there I click on “Connect Wallet” and then select the wallet of your choice:

Transferring CRO and doing a “Bling Swap”

Before you become a Glitter Miner you will need to convert crypto into VVS. In my case I transfer CRO from my to Metamask (I am using the MacOS Desktop DeFi app as it is more convenient than the iOS app): Via the desktop app this is fairly simple:

  1. Go to “Cronos Bridge”
  2. Select From “ Chain” to “Cronos Beta“, select CRO as currency and enter the amount
  3. Copy the Cronos Mainnet address from your Metamask wallet and select “I want to send funds to a custom destination address”
  4. Enter the app password, verify the details and confirm

Transfer CRO into Metamask You will see that the transfer of CRO is almost instant and does not cost as much as a traditional ETH transfer. Once your funds are in Metamask, we now want to use the Bling Swap via to exchange our CRO into VVS:

  1. Enter the amount of CRO you want to Swap
  2. Select VVS as a currency
  3. Review the swap and confirm the transaction in Metamask
  4. Wait a few seconds until the transaction is confirmed and VVS displays in your wallet

Swap CRO with VVS via Metamask

The last step is to mine your VVS and restake – for this you go to and then Enable staking and add your funds:

With the “Auto” option any funds you stake in this pool will be automatically harvested and restaked (compounded) yielding a higher ROI for your funds for a small convenience and performance fee.

Leveraging your staking with Binance Locked Staking

If you really want to maximise your Glitter Mining, you need to have a Binance account (or use my referral and you and I earn each 10% on our trades). Once you have signed up, you will need to purchase AXS and then visit “Binance Locked Staking” and stake AXS for 30 days with a 110% APY:

The return is paid out daily, you will then take the earned AXS staking income to either re-stake into Binance or (what I do) convert to USDT, send it to, convert it to CRO, send it to the DeFi wallet, then bridge it to Cronos as I have explained above in order to swap for VVS. It is a hamster wheel, I tell you 🙂


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I’m not a professional investment advisor and the above information is not an investment suggestion, only a guide to help you. Always keep in mind that investment = risk! Especially when we’re talking about cryptocurrencies, which are incredibly volatile! Only invest money you’re willing to lose!

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