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NAS: Advertise your shares via Bonjour

This at least works with the Synology products – in my case with the DS107+. This tip solves two problems for any mac-user – SSH access directly to the NAS as well as ensuring that Bonjour advertises the shares into...


Get yourself some 4TB NAS!

Over the last few weeks I have been researching NAS-drives for central backups. The Apple TimeCapsule initially sounded promising, but not really relevant in my case, as I already have a wireless-N router. So I stumbled across the Synology CS407:...


OS X: Put your apps on a diet

Although I have a solid 15 years of Windows-knowledge under my belt, I regularly find something new when working on the Macintosh. One cool thing (for the Windows-folk and registry hackers) is how OS X manages applications. First, you do...