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bidorbuy looking for mobile developers

This just in: Are you one of those people who knows that apple, gingerbread and cupcake are not just edibles? Do you want to be part of a new mobile initiative where we will build an exciting mobile platform for...


Fifa concert: Desmond-Pokemon-Tutu

Wow – what a disappointment: Not just did Zuma, Blatter and Radebe get booed out during the Fifa 2010 worldcup opening concert, the Black Eyed Peas managed to suck horribly and Fergie sounded like she had a few Klippies &...


Android: Connect to an enterprise LAN via LEAP/802.1X

If you work in an environment where Wifi connectivity is through LEAP/PEAP/802.1X and you have a rooted Android phone, you can use the following mechanism: Modify the file /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf and add your Wifi APN as follows: network={ ssid=”your_ssid” scan_ssid=1 key_mgmt=IEEE8021X...


Potholes – Bring ‘n Tar

This will be a new initiative I am trying to kick off “Bring ‘n Tar”. The muncipalities, traffic departments, road agencies are all not capable of using our tax money in fixing and maintaining our roads, and when initiative is...


NDrive turn-by-turn GPS navigation for Android released

I was pleasantly surprised to find that NDrive has been released on the Android market today. NDrive turns your Android phone into a powerful navigation system up to house number accuracy! The download of the navigation-software is free and once...


OS X: Install JDeveloper 11g on OS X 10.6

If you start development against the Oracle Fusion middleware set, it only makes sense to pick an IDE which supports those middleware products out of the box. While I still enjoy Eclipse and MyEclipseIDE, JDeveloper 11g becomes the natural choice...


The Friday Picture: The Truth

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


Android: 3G Watchdog

I try to avoid 3G usage as much as possible, especially since I am not on a data-bundle. There are the few cases, where I need to hop onto the internet via 3G, but would still like to monitor the...


Android: Avoid excessive data usage

APNDroid is one of those free, must-have applications (scan the barcode below to download on your Android phone): A simple, little program which switches mobile data access on/off by just appending/removing “apndroid” to/from your APN-name. If you mainly work off...