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OS X – Set the HostName, Computer Name, and Bonjour Name via command line

Instead of wading through the various GUI options you can set the unique names for how your computer name appears locally with the help of the scutil command. The following command will set all names to “MacMuffin”:

ComputerName: is...


Change OS X update frequency

Mountain Lion checks for updates every 7 days – this is way too long for me and a quick fix is this:


SSH tunnel on OS X

Many companies nowadays provide a SSH tunnel to connect remotely into servers. This is a great feature as you will have your internet connectivity wherever you are and still enjoy the benefit of select tunnels. On OS X and Linux...


MacUpdate: Get $429 worth of software for $49.99

MacUpdate has launched its Spring Software Bundle, headlined by Parallels Desktop 5. Just buying the bundle for Parallels 5 (which retails at USD 80) is worth it. The $50 bundle would normally sell for almost $400. It includes 10 applications,...


OS X: Install JDeveloper 11g on OS X 10.6

If you start development against the Oracle Fusion middleware set, it only makes sense to pick an IDE which supports those middleware products out of the box. While I still enjoy Eclipse and MyEclipseIDE, JDeveloper 11g becomes the natural choice...


OS X: Upgrade to Snow Leopard

I managed to source a copy of Snow Leopard and upgraded my MacBook Air. I am always on the wild and reckless side and shoved in the DVD and upgraded without a recent backup – something I would not attempt...