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Change OS X update frequency

Mountain Lion checks for updates every 7 days – this is way too long for me and a quick fix is this: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency 1


SSH tunnel on OS X

Many companies nowadays provide a SSH tunnel to connect remotely into servers. This is a great feature as you will have your internet connectivity wherever you are and still enjoy the benefit of select tunnels. On OS X and Linux...


MacUpdate: Get $429 worth of software for $49.99

MacUpdate has launched its Spring Software Bundle, headlined by Parallels Desktop 5. Just buying the bundle for Parallels 5 (which retails at USD 80) is worth it. The $50 bundle would normally sell for almost $400. It includes 10 applications,...


OS X: Install JDeveloper 11g on OS X 10.6

If you start development against the Oracle Fusion middleware set, it only makes sense to pick an IDE which supports those middleware products out of the box. While I still enjoy Eclipse and MyEclipseIDE, JDeveloper 11g becomes the natural choice...


OS X: Upgrade to Snow Leopard

I managed to source a copy of Snow Leopard and upgraded my MacBook Air. I am always on the wild and reckless side and shoved in the DVD and upgraded without a recent backup – something I would not attempt...