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Blog 2011 in review - Most popular browsers 2

Infographic – most popular content

My blog has been in existence since 2004 and started off as an experiment into SEO, link-building and website promotion. It all started in the English Beergarden in Munich during one of my consulting projects in Europe where we started...


OS X: Upgrade to Snow Leopard

I managed to source a copy of Snow Leopard and upgraded my MacBook Air. I am always on the wild and reckless side and shoved in the DVD and upgraded without a recent backup – something I would not attempt...


Cellphone banking scam – what about the banks?

Makes you think why Vodacom is all over the press due to the recent R 7m SMS banking fraud. More interestingly for me is why there is yet no response from the banks (remember all major banks such as ABSA,...


I found the Disco Stick

Lady Gaga wants to ride one of those in her latest song “Love Games” (“… this beat is sick, I want to take a ride on a disco-stick…”). Intrigued by what a disco-stick is (as no-one in my social circles...


DSTV: Ironic

Isn’t it ironic, that I posted the article DSTV – High-definition – WTF? almost 12 months ago? If you go back to the original article you will still cringe. There is still only one channel, the HDPVR costs now R...


The Friday Picture: Blasphemy

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


South African elections

It was an early start to the day for many to avoid long queues at voting stations. We wanted to get the voting out of the way, and joined a queue of 50 people at 6:30am in Pretoria. The voting...