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YAMJ and Eversion

I have been running YAMJ on my Synology for years and have recently changed to Eversion as a replacement skin: Eversion runs as a Macromedia Flash plugin on my Popcorn C-200 and provides a true home-entertainment experience: Installation is as simple as replacing...

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote 0

Logitech Harmony One

My Harmony 895 received many “beatings” over the last 2 years and finally it was time to “bin” it. Most of the buttons stopped working and that universal remote experience was no more. The Harmony 895 served me well and it was...


Filebot, the Ultimate TV renamer

The Popcorn C-200 is probably the best gadget-purchase in a while and I have been able to organise my movie library quite well. Although the Popcorn currently lacks proper media indexing, Yet Another Movie Jukebox allows you to index your...


Popcorn Hour C-200

The Popcorn Hour C-200 is the most powerful and versatile Networked Media Tank yet and has moved in with us to replace the PS3’s duty of streaming media. The C-200 sports a 667MHz CPU, 512MB RAM (a further 256MB NAND...