Logitech Harmony One

My Harmony 895 received many “beatings” over the last 2 years and finally it was time to “bin” it. Most of the buttons stopped working and that universal remote experience was no more.

The Harmony 895 served me well and it was an obvious choice to go with another Logitech product – this time the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen.

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

The Harmony One arrived via Amazon in a bland brown cardboard box – Logitech calls it a “green experience” (Apple is about the only company which provides one with a true unboxing experience) and while the unboxing was uneventful, the remote itself serves it’s purpose.

Using the Logitec Harmony software for OS X, it was easy to unpaid the old Harmony 895 and associate the new Harmone One with my existing profile. After a 5 minute firmware update, the remote was back in action.

The color touchscreen adds a nice feel to the remote and is very responsive. The transition from the Harmony 895 to the Harmony One was really transparent and the remote is as easy to use as it’s predecessor.

Note: The Harmony One does not support RF (something I did not need).