Run Sonarr via Docker on Synology DSM 6.0

  • Steven Dingley

    Hi there, I have my sonarr all set up but it seems to have problems matching a lot of my current shows but then the search function doesn’t search any torrents. How do i get it to search? Ive set it up the same as I had it as a package.
    Also I noticed you and other tutorials has an extra volume set up in the screen shot but you dont mention it in the discription (usr/syno/bin) do I need that?

    • I use NZBHydra for NZB searches. The “/usr/syno/bin” is a mount to use the Synology Indexer – it’s described towards the end of the post.

      • Steven Dingley

        NZBHydra is not available in settings. And do I need the indexing thing?
        Sorry Im new to all this.

        • I then suggest that you read something like this:

          • Steven Dingley

            Went through all this still no help. Im setting up on Synology Nas in docker container. I has it set up as normal package before and works fine untill an update is done then stops running and wont start up again. Tried everything I could understand, Couldn’t get it working someone suggested to install in docker as its more stable, but settings won’t work like as package. I even just tried the connection to 9my Plex and wont connect. Seems like it doesn’t have access to anything outside of itself. This docker thing just seems to make thing a lot more complicated. Any ideas? Oh and im trying to search torrents, not usenet is this possible.

          • Docker will run more stable as each Docker image is in essence a “mini-Linux” with an application such as Sonarr embedded. Since a Docker image is an isolated guest from the host (your Synology) you will notice in the description above, that a Docker image requires you to map the Docker container port to a local port (the port on the Synology) as well as assign Synology directories to Docker mounts.

            Think of the Synology running Docker the same way you would install VMWare/VirtualBox on a PC. The PC is the host to VMWare/VirtualBox the same way the Synology is the host to Docker. Docker is the guest to the Synology the same way a VMWare image is a guest to the PC. As such the Docker container needs to have full IPs to reference servers running on the Synology or have access to DNS if you resolve locally. The same applies to storage and directories.

            Remember, if your Synology is for example on IP and you use the above config example, you will be able to get to Sonar via (the local port you configured for Sonarr). If your PlexServer is also running on the Synology, you would need to configure Sonarr to use to connect your PlexServer.

            You can not use (or localhost) in the Docker Container as this would reference the Docker Container and not the Synology.

  • Mathias Meyer

    Hi, can someone go in more detail on how to setup the synoindex server?
    Full example confuration woul of course be welcome. The instuction on Git does not show all details.

    • Rico Suave

      I have a problem with this as well. Synoindex is working in radarr, but when I add the paths in sonarr in the docker settings the docker wont start. I do it exactly the same as with radarr. in Radarr it works fine but no in sonarr. I have tried everyting .. any has a clue?