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YAMJ and Eversion

I have been running YAMJ on my Synology for years and have recently changed to Eversion as a replacement skin: Eversion runs as a Macromedia Flash plugin on my Popcorn C-200 and provides a true home-entertainment experience: Installation is as simple as replacing...


The new Oompa Loompa movie

My first contribution to Youtube. Unbelievable how some guys dip their heads into self-tanning lotion and think they look awesome: Visit my Youtube-profile for more cool movies.


DSTV – High-definition – WTF?

DStv operator MultiChoice announced at a press-release last week, that they will (finally) launch O-N-E high-definition channel on August 1. The channel, which will be available in a resolution of 720p, will be used to broadcast the Olympic Games from...


Get yourself some 4TB NAS!

Over the last few weeks I have been researching NAS-drives for central backups. The Apple TimeCapsule initially sounded promising, but not really relevant in my case, as I already have a wireless-N router. So I stumbled across the Synology CS407:...


OS X: Quick Look – preview your files

It goes without saying that by now I have become a converted. If you are running OS X, you might not know about the Quick Look function: You can preview a selected file (or series of files) without opening it...


OS X: Delicious Library

Another cool application for us Apple-fans: Have you ever loaned a book or DVD or an expensive gadget to a friend, and forgotten which friend? And then bought another? With Delicious Library you just drag any item onto any friend...


How to crash an airplane

On my recent flight to Atlanta I managed to break the Delta airlines inflight entertainment system and upset a few fellow passengers on the plane (hello row 27 passengers: sorry for crashing your entertainment system and forcing you to fast...