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Belkin – life-time warranty

My trusty gigabit Belkin N1 Vision router decided to croak two days ago. At the time of purchase (Aug’ 08) this was one of the first N-draft gigabit routers on the market and accordingly came in at a hefty price...


The Jesus-firmware for your ADSL modem

Well, not quite, but close enough. If you happen to have a Netgear DG834XX ADSL modem router, I strongly suggest that you have a look at the DGTeam custom firmware: All the features are listed after the break, but to...


iBurst shutting down?

If you follow the happenings in Australia, you will notice that iBurst in Australia is facing tough times. Dating back as far as October, rumors started spreading that iBurst Australia will close down. The Australian stock-exchange-listed company Commander which provided...