censors consumer activism about Afrihost SMS- & email-spam

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  • Beans

    Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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  • Frikkenator

    This is more of the same old stuff that has been going on for a long time.
    If the red nosed reindeer doesn’t like something, he censors, he bans. He believes he is Emmanuel Goldstein.

    I will troll him till the end of time, and maybe one day I will get to visit him in his office and wipe my name off his whiteboard, along with the smug expression off his face.

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  • Slave

    Thank you for the insights and your efforts. I think a lot of people are largely unaware of the above goings-on and it has certainly opened my eyes. Based on your insights I have cancelled my services with Afrihost and moved to a new ISP now that fibre has finally arrived. I’m almost certain that the same people are the first to complain about ethical breaches in the broader South African context and the irony is that although the context is different, the same level of ethics are being applied by them! Keep fighting the good fight.

  • …I wonder what is the relationship between Afrihost SP (Pty) Ltd and Rudolph… 😉

  • Stevorkz

    My Broadband has really gone down and this sort of thing really describes their attitude and motives towards readers very well. They censor alot. Any comments that are leaning towards MyBB in a negative way, even such as a hint, it gets removed immediately so no one will know pretty much anything unless they look elsewhere for information such as this blog for what is really going on. Sorry I know this is drifting a little away from Afrihost and alot more towards MyBB but I have had countless posts removed when they so much as hint at deferring from MyBBs interests. MyBB has some serious contracts/relationships with alot of local entities and 90% of their posts these days are simply adverts for those companies. Dont bother pointing this out though, your comment wont see the light of day.