Get 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for under $3/month (€85 for 3 years)

This works for new users who do not have an active Game Pass Ultimate already or if your current subscription has fully expired. You will also need to activate temporarily VPN to make a purchase and obviously a credit card. If you need a credit card, check the referral links at the end of this post and get some cashback.

We are going to buy 36 months of Xbox Gold and then convert it to Ultimate. 36 months is the absolute maximum you can convert.

This has been verified working as of 20th December 2021 and you will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that your billing address is accurate and in the country in which your Xbox account is currently being used.
  2. Ensure that any options like auto-renew, recurring payment etc are disabled or not agreed if presented
  3. If you do not have a credit-card, go to Get your free Mastercard with 1% cashback and €5 sign-up bonus
  4. We will purchase the cheapest Xbox Live Gold 12 months Membership – at the moment you can get this via Turkey through
  5. Go ahead and add up to 3 units at checkout and pay (try at Eneba discount codes: BRUCE or XLGT or XLTRVPN or EASTERNAS or YOMAX to get a further $4 off))
  6. Connect to Turkey via VPN (I am using the Windscribe Chrome extension which is free)
  7. Verify via that you are connected to Turkey
  8. Once connected go to, sign in with your normal account and redeem the codes
  9. Disconnect from the VPN
  10. Check that you now have 36 months of Xbox Live Gold membership
  11. Go to the Xbox Live landing page and either purchase the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (or if you had Ultimate in the past, purchase one month for $14.99)
  12. Go back to step 10) and verify that your membership has been upgraded

The above works for any type of Xbox Live Gold membership and memberships from Turkey or Brazil are a fraction of the cost compared to US or EU.


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The above was verified working and is currently used by many people. Microsoft might deem this hacky, because you redeem Xbox Live memberships bought from a country where this is cheaper and then converting them to Ultimate.

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