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Who Needs an iPhone 4s 0

Who needs an iPhone 4s?

You gotta love New York for it’s shopping and free Wifi. Observed a “hectic” Skype video-conference session outside Apple’s flagship store on 5th avenue in September 2011:


How to crash an airplane

On my recent flight to Atlanta I managed to break the Delta airlines inflight entertainment system and upset a few fellow passengers on the plane (hello row 27 passengers: sorry for crashing your entertainment system and forcing you to fast...


American obsessions: Signs

The most powerful nation in the world (and also the most obese) is obsessed with signs and it almost seems that the locals can not do without it. I am not sure if it is Bush or the aftermath of...


Reflecting on the vacation

The vacation was great. In the last two weeks we travelled 3500 miles by sea and almost 20,000 miles by air. Flying with an airline such as Delta simply sucks (SAA is worse) and you naturally lower your expectations to...


Vacation almost over / Star Wars

With our vacation almost over and having just returned from a stunning 7 day Caribbean cruise from Ft. Lauderdale via St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Princess Cays I am looking forward to get back home. But I do miss this:...


Trip to the US, Novell in Salt Lake City

We travelled as part of a “Linux-fact-finding-mission” from Johannesburg to Austin, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Boston and New York City. The first 3 days where spent at IBM in the labs and did not really excite us much. Thereafter we...