Jaybird Bluebuds X are still not sweat proof and I am blocked on Twitter

In a blog post 3 years ago I raised the issue about Jaybird Bluebuds not being sweat-proof and from the comments at the blog, I am surprised to see that 3 years later, the issues continue to happen with many unhappy customers.

In South Africa local retailers have pulled the products from the market 2 years ago due to the many issues – I think our hot climate increases the failure rate of Jaybird headsets due to increased heat and sweat.

Judging from the comments, the sweatproof issue did not just occur with the Bluebud X but also with the second generation Bluebud X2 and someone sent me a direct message that the same failure occurs on the X3. I then wanted to have a look at Jaybird’s Twitter feed and learned that I had been blocked by them:

I am not sure when I was blocked as I did have a honest and open engage with Jaybird representatives 3 years ago and at no point in time did anyone inform me that my published content is upsetting or deceitful. Neither have I purposefully “trolled” or hurt the brand. I do however think it says a lot about Jaybird’s ethics when customers with issues are prevented from following their social media profile. It is not just unprofessional, but also very childish. Grow up Jaybird!