ASASA confirms Sony Playstation No Man’s Sky investigation

When I wanted to exercise my right for a regular refund request for the broken game No Man’s Sky as per the South African Consumer Protection Act, I not only discovered that Standard Bank of South Africa overcharges on all iTunes, Steam and Sony Playstation Store purchases, I also discovered that Sony South Africa does not honor the Consumer Protection Act.

South African’s are generally not used to consumerism and rather “silently complain” instead of taking companies to task for mediocre or unethical service. Although South Africa has regulators and ombudsman for all industries, the task of submitting a complaint is time-consuming and often frustrating. I have been on stranger to consumer complaints and successfully achieved rulings against Afrihost (not once, but I also appealed my initial complaint and won the appeal too).

I am quite passionate on correcting the poor and ignorant (and often arrogant) attitude of South African companies towards the consumers and hope that with findings such as my ISPA cases last year and this year will eventually have more South African’s become more active.

I have just learned that the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has accepted my submission against Sony South Africa regarding No Man’s Sky and I am eagerly awaiting Sony’s response and the ASASA findings: