Requesting a refund for No Man’s Sky will get your PSN account banned

  • Gage

    I contacted Sony a number of times trying to get a refund for no man’s sky, grey refused every time, and I even asked to speak to a supervisor and he refused too. This is outrageous that they are basically “stealing” money from people and not letting us refund this broken game. It’s ridiculous!!

  • Dave Dogge

    I filled in the Sony UK refund form for No Man’s Sky on 1st September after playing it around 4.5 hours. It’s now the 6th of September 2016 and even with an incident number I received no reply. The last game I asked for my money back was Knight Games on the Commodore 64 back in 1988ish at HMV and they gave me my money back no questions asked.

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  • ValentBond

    Better switch to PC than Xbox. Pretty much all modern games are there (and NO upcoming Xbox One exclusives). And Steam refunds worldwide without questions.

    • Not true about Steam. I also requested a refund and was denied it on 14th (literally a day after the game launched on Steam) because the playtime of 3h 17m exceeded their 2 hour cut-off.

      At that time I did not realise that this email was automated and when I noticed two weeks later that people got refunds by opening manual tickets (I did not know about this nor that the first response was automated) I did the same and was then also denied.

      So I am generally not happy with neither Steam or SCEE for not honoring refunds for a not-fit-for purpose product (at the time of my refund request the game constantly crashed without any feedback from HelloGames).

      I will just avoid paying any game where HelloGames and/or Sean Murray is involved 🙂

      • ValentBond

        There’s a thread on Reddit which tells how to return your money “properly” even if you have more than 2h of playtime. Try that.

  • Knut Skallagrim

    i just realized that i swore in the comment that is pending. well i wanted to say sorry but i can’t edit it anymore, if it’s too much just delete it (and this comment too) but really i had to tell my story, sorry about that.

  • MattS71

    Sony banned my account this year over $10. Ten year customer and they just banned it. F-You, Sony

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