PS3: Whoop Whoop – Home invite

By the sounds of it I seem to be the first South African to have received an official Playstation Home invite:

PLAYSTATION Home (also marketed and referred to simply as Home) is a community-based service for the PlayStation Network which has been in development since early 2005. Home allows users to create an avatar for their PlayStation 3 console. This avatar will get their own virtual apartment space (think Second Life), which can then be adorned with items users can receive in several different ways.

How did I get chosen? Not sure – Sony has stated that users will be chosen based on their activity on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store – and maybe it is just all my trophies I have been collecting – smile.

Update: The invite is not fake. Redemption of the PS3 promotional code worked and Home is downloading (about 88MB).

Update 2: Proof of invite and download below:

Update 3: Just to clarify – I am a South African resident, using my South African PSN-ID to be in Home.