Sony Home-coming revolution!!!

Sony has launched globally the Home social networking platform on the PS3 – to Sony it appears that globally means Europe, US and Japan.

The intention was to launch Home in every region with a PlayStation Network Store – this should have included South Africa. Sony however decided to piss off 45,000 PS3 users and is currently facing the outrage of the PS3 community.

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Some notes to the ignorant (and there are plenty):
– There are approx. 45,000 PS3 users in South Africa alone
– We have our own local PS3 store
– We pay a premium for PS3 games (between 30-100% more than our European/US counterparts)
– We have been neglected with all PS3 online offerings (the PSN-store is an exception)
– We have a very strong online-community and some of the best FPS gamers are from SA
– We have been plagued by lag (and the ignorance by Sony/SterKinekor to provide us local gaming servers) – but we still kick ass against our 40ms-European counter parts.
– South Africa is a 1st world-country in a 3rd world continent.
– We have a superior banking infrastructure (is your ATM able to accept deposits, top-up your mobile phone, pay your bills, print statements, open accounts)
– We have pioneered in science and medicine (to all our overweight friends in the “richer” countries – you can enjoy your burgers, since we have pioneered in heart-transplants)
– We are the only country in the world having overcome huge political conflict and have overcome racism and established equality in a relative short time (have a look at the fall of the Berlin wall – East/West Germany is still struggling – although their people are from the same race and background).
– We are hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup
– We are the best tourism place (Cape Town anyone?) in the Southern Hemisphere


UPDATE – 13/12 23:00: Sony has listened and within a very short time resolved the problem – WELL DONE SONY AND EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED THIS INITIATIVE!!!