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The Friday Picture: The Truth

The Friday Picture will provide you with inspirational and (de)motiviational guidance to make the approaching weekend so much more appealing:


Playfire: Answers to Modern Warfare 2 competition

PlayFire is hosting a competition with a give-a-way of Modern Warfare Prestige edition. The answers are really straight: 1. Infinity Ward 2. PS3, Xbox 360 and PC 3. November 10th 2009 4. fourzerotwo 5. Dual-wield handguns 6. Modern Warfare 2:...


Popcorn Hour C-200

The Popcorn Hour C-200 is the most powerful and versatile Networked Media Tank yet and has moved in with us to replace the PS3’s duty of streaming media. The C-200 sports a 667MHz CPU, 512MB RAM (a further 256MB NAND...


Android: 3G Watchdog

I try to avoid 3G usage as much as possible, especially since I am not on a data-bundle. There are the few cases, where I need to hop onto the internet via 3G, but would still like to monitor the...


OS X: SanDisk Cruzer Micro U3 removal tool

SanDisk sells their Cruzer USB sticks with that pesky U3 tool, which mounts itself as a CD-drive on a Windows computer. Something you typically don’t see when running a Mac. There is an easy way to removing it, by downloading...


Android: Avoid excessive data usage

APNDroid is one of those free, must-have applications (scan the barcode below to download on your Android phone): A simple, little program which switches mobile data access on/off by just appending/removing “apndroid” to/from your APN-name. If you mainly work off...


Android: Clear cache before upgrading to a new firmware

I have been using CyanogenMod for a few weeks and am currently running without an issue (no crashes, FCs etc). Many users complain on the XDA-Developers forum about issues, but I truly believe that if people followed some basics,...


Android: Partitioning your 16GB card

MAJOR WARNING: The instructions below will wipe your SD-card for good. So make sure that you want to do this. (Follow my backup instructions just in case) If you are running Cyanogen or a similar firmware which requires 3 partitions...


Android: Buy some apps from the Android Market

As South Africans we are always on the tail-end of things. It comes as no surprise, that although we have access to the Android marketplace where we can download tons of free applications, Google has still not allowed us to...